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    Tomas Bustos is a native of Dallas, Texas. After finishing Skyline High School 's art program, Mr. Bustos served a seven-year apprenticeship with the well-known sculptor and artisan Octavio Medellin whose work is included in many museum collections including the Dallas Museum of Art. Under the guidance of Mr. Medellin, Tomas Bustos mastered the art of woodcarving, stone carving, bronze casting, welding, drawing, and oil painting. Mr. Bustos also learned the art of mechanical animation as an apprentice and employee with the Bill Reed Decorations Co. of Dallas.

    A fter 25 years working as a master woodcarver for prominent companies such as Orion's Antiques and Manheim's Furniture Co. of Dallas , Mr. Bustos founded his own company in 1995. His studio quickly gained a reputation for quality and reliability that has allowed him to produce work in places as far as South Africa and Canada . His great passion for the arts and thirty years of experience make Tomas Bustos one of the most well rounded artists in the region.

    When Mr. Bustos' wife first became ill, he brought his work home and worked out of his garage that he turned into a workshop. He worked there as a freelance artist doing commission work for private and public affairs. He then began his own company, Fine Arts Sculpture Studio, and moved his studio to a bigger location where he could work with more space and bigger equipment, which is currently where the company resides.

    Mr. Bustos says, "The function of decoration is to make us feel good. The supreme elegance of woodworking has given it an esteemed place in the history of decorative arts. By making my special skills available, I am reaffirming the wood carvers' time-honored tradition, and preserving the elegance of wood carving for today's society as well as for generations to come."

    Please feel free and take the time to carefully review the work that he has done and see what Mr. Bustos' business is capable of achieving.

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